Rental Application

Applicant hereby gives landlord permission to contact any of the below-mentioned persons or
companies including employers, prior/current landlords, banks, creditors, and friends for the sole
purpose of verifying or exchanging the information given below. Only those items listed below will
be discussed.

All incomplete applications will be rejected.
No application fees are required.
In the event the below information is found to be incorrect, this application will be declined.
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**Mandatory - Must be filled out for all groups.
**All occupants in each group must send in separate applications.**

Prior to signing a lease, each occupant will be required to have a guarantor execute the co-signer form. For review purposes only, a sample is located under the rental application tab.




**Other APPLICANTS in Group:

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Sex :

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Major/Degree :


*CURRENT Status :

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*Parent/Guarantor Employer & Title :

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Child support, alimony, public assistance or separate maintenance income need not to be
revealed unless you wish this to be considered as a basis for payment.

Has guarantor ever applied for or received relief under the Bankruptcy Law? :

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Has guarantor ever been evicted or convicted of non-payment of rent in court? :

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Has guarantor always paid your rent/debts when due? :

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Does guarantor own or rent? :

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