About Us

You’ve come to the right place! UDELHOUSING, LLC is the solution to your rental needs!

We are a collaborative effort by CampusEdge LLC, Amstel Square LLC, Chapel Street Associates LLC, New London Avenue Associates LLC, Amstel Avenue LLC, Lerner Townhouses LLC, Elkton Road LLC, and Wilson Street LLC to assist you in finding a rental property suitable for your needs while living in Newark, Delaware or attending the University of Delaware!

UDELHOUSING, LLC has the locations that are a must… Walking distance to the University of Delaware, shops, restaurants, public transportation and recreation. If you think there’s anything we’ve overlooked, wait until you see our properties! Let us provide you with the homey atmosphere, spaciousness, and convenience you’ll need to make the right move!

Review our available properties and fill out an application today! We look forward to hearing from you!